Android Training in Chennai

What’s new in Android P version?

Google is doing something different with Android. Instead of this, people can also use its operating system to do more. This feature helps a lot and Android P is going to launch this year. This will be going to launch soon in the market, it allows you to set a limit on yourself. It includes new interfaces that use navigation gestures. Billions of people are using an Android phone. Android P helps you to protect your phone from the hacking process. The most interesting one in Android P version is a user can store lots of data and they can view as per their requirement. Android offers lots of benefits… Read More

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Google Assistance in your Android TV and More

After the Google assistance coming to the android mobile phones, Android users wanted to get that features in all android devices like Android TV and more to fulfill the needs of android users, now Google Assistance next to your Android TV and more. In future Android beats all the other mobile developing software packages, so start learning Android Training in Chennai which really helps you to get extraordinary pay from the mobile development industry. Android TV and More  The Google Assistance is creating its way in the coming month to Android TV. After the updates coming to your Android TV you can access the content you like faster than ever.… Read More

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