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Hadoop Training in Chennai

We have entered into the digital world of data scaling. Each and every digital process and social media platform produce it and gets conveyed using mobile devices and sensors. The data created and stored globally is almost inconceivable and keeps on multiplying. The biggest problem of Big Data stored is to overcome its sophisticated framework named “Hadoop”. Hadoop Training in Chennai is an extensively open source software framework for running applications and storing data.

Hadoop makes this possible to run applications on systems. It facilitates the handling of terabytes of data. It consists of modules and concepts like HDFS, ZOOKEEPER, SQOOP and Map-Reduce. It makes the field of big data fast and easy processing but differs from relational databases. It can process of high volume and velocity. Master the concepts and techniques of Big Data by Hadoop Training Chennai!

Testing Aspects of Hadoop:

Whenever we store and process a huge amount of data, there is a definite requirement of thorough testing to eject the ‘Bad Data’ from ‘Big Data’. Here we have listed some as follows:

Validation of Unstructured and Structured Data: In this case, it needs to be classified as Structured and Unstructured parts.

Structured Data: Data can be stored in forms of tables without processing database, call details and excel sheets.

Unstructured Data: Data which doesn’t have a predefined data model or structure for example in form of audio, tweets, weblogs and comments.

Phases of testing:

Testing in Big Data is an enormous and complex job which is segregated in for to squeeze out the best outcomes. Some of the phases are listed below:

Processing of Map Reduce Job: In Hadoop Map Reduce is the java code which is used to fetch out the data according to preconditions provided.

Pre-Hadoop Processing: This includes the validation of data which is collated from various sources before Hadoop. In this, we get rid of unused data.

Data Extraction and Loading: It includes the loading of data being validated and extracted from HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). It ensures that no data is corrupted in it.

Report validation: The last phase testing which ensures the output which we deliver to meet accurate standards. No redundant should be present in the report.

In today’s world, most of IT companies are racing to implement Hadoop and Big Data. A concentrated understanding of concepts will eventually help in exploring the materials in this technology.

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