Google Assistance in your Android TV and More

After the Google assistance coming to the android mobile phones, Android users wanted to get that features in all android devices like Android TV and more to fulfill the needs of android users, now Google Assistance next to your Android TV and more. In future Android beats all the other mobile developing software packages, so start learning Android Training in Chennai which really helps you to get extraordinary pay from the mobile development industry.

Android TV and More

 The Google Assistance is creating its way in the coming month to Android TV. After the updates coming to your Android TV you can access the content you like faster than ever. No need to struggle or type to get what you are actually looking for instead of typing to search the content you just ask the help of Google Assistance you are off to the contests. It helps from playing media items to schedule for your day, Now the Google Assistance gives some of the ways on Android TV can help.

  • Play Content: “play guest stuff on Netflix.”
  • Get Answers: “Tell me about FITA Academy Android Training
  • Discover Content “Search YouTube for FITA Academy Reviews.” If you are interested in watching more reviews by saying: “play the second one.”
  • Set the right mood: “Dim the lights”

Now Google Assistance on Android TV will come to the NVIDIA SHIELD, laterally with entire Android TVs in the United States running Android 7.0 Nougat or Android 6.0 Marshmallow such as the Sony Bravia, AirTV Player, Xiaomi Mi Box, Sharp Aquos and more, And once obtainable the first TV device of the NVIDIA SHIELD to provide a hands-free associate experience.

Other new surfaces like smart watch consecutively Android Wear 2.0, in-car infotainment systems powered by Android and many additional types of devices through the Rooted Google Assistance SDK.

Actions on Google

Last few months back android broadcasted Actions on Google; subsequently, we have had an amount of services fresh publication and interesting way for Home users of Google to have a decent discussion with them. Android has announced a lot of fresh updates every week and it’s one of the trending technologies for career development. If you want to learn Android Course in Chennai, we suggest you take from FITA to become a master in the Android world.

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