How Do You Get Started With Python Web Development?

How Do You Get Started With Python Web Development?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It is due to its ease of use and simple syntax. Since it is a popular and simple language, Python is used in various fields to build programmes such as desktop applications, Machine Learning models, and so on. Web development is one of these fields. This blog will discuss how to get started in web development with Python. If you want to learn Python, you can enrol in the Python Course In Madurai at FITA Academy, which will provide good training and knowledge.

Benefits of developing web applications in Python:

Easy to learn: Python is one of the most popular languages for beginning programmers for a reason. Compared to other languages such as Java or C++, the language depends on common expressions and whitespace, allowing you to write significantly less code. It also has a reduced entry barrier because it is comparable to your everyday language, making the code easier to understand.

Rich ecosystem and libraries: Python provides a wide range of library tools and packages that allow you to access a large amount of pre-written code, reducing the time it takes to develop an application. You can use Numpy and Pandas for mathematical analysis, Pygal for visualisation, and SQLALchemy for composable queries. Python also has fantastic web frameworks, such as Django and Flask, which we’ll look at later in the article.

Fast prototyping: Python creates projects in significantly less time than other programming languages, so your ideas come to life faster, allowing you to gather feedback and iterate quickly. Python’s quick development time makes it ideal for startups looking to gain a competitive advantage by getting into the market sooner. Python programming language is more popular, so join Python Classes In Pune to grow as a successful Python Developer.

Wide-spread popularity: Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, with communities worldwide. Python is constantly updated with new features and libraries due to its popularity while providing good documentation and community support. Python, in particular, offers extensive support and a framework for new developers to begin their development careers.

What are some popular Python web frameworks?

Django and Flask are by far the most popular Python web development frameworks. If you would like to become an expert in python development, first you need to learn the advanced concepts and modules in Python with the support of Python Training In Hyderabad.

Django is an open-source, high-level Python web framework that “encourages quick development and clean, pragmatic design.” It’s quick, safe, and scalable. Django has an active community and extensive documentation.

Django is highly adaptable, allowing you to deal with everything from MVPs to large corporations. Some top companies that use Django are Instagram, Dropbox, Pinterest, and Spotify. 

Flask is a microframework, which is a small web framework. It needs many features and functionality that full-stack frameworks like Django provide, such as a web template engine, account authorization, and authentication.

Flask is minimalistic and lightweight, so you must add extensions and libraries as you code rather than having them provided by the framework. Join the Python Training In Gurgaon, which will provide hands-on tutorials and live projects to implement real-world problems in the syllabus. 

Python libraries for web development:

  • Scrapy is a great web crawler for extracting data for your application. It’s a popular library for scraping, data mining, automated testing, and other purposes.
  • Zappa is a powerful library for building AWS Lambda serverless applications.
  • The request is a library that makes it simple to send HTTP requests, which are used to communicate with an application, such as retrieving HTML pages or data.
  • Dash is another essential package for people creating web applications with data visualisation. It is built on top of Flask and includes charts, graphs, dashboards, and more capabilities.


So far, we have discussed how to you get started in web development with Python. Python is the most popular programming language for creating web applications. Python can be used to execute various activities, including web development. Python can develop web apps in multiple methods, including server-side web apps, RESTful web APIs, etc. To learn more about the benefits of Python, you can apply to the Python Training In Kolkata, which will help you understand the oops concept of Python, operators and many other core concepts.

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