Why Informatica is used as an ETL Tool?

Informatica is a powerful integration tool. It delivers a product for data masking, ETL, data replica, master data management, data virtualization, etc. It mainly focuses on data integration only. This is a flagship product in the portfolio. It is based on the ETL architecture and Informatica Training in Chennai providing data integration services and software for different industries, businesses and government companies which includes healthcare, telecommunication, insurance and financial services. . By reading this article you will come to know why Informatica is used as an ETL tool.

Advanced edition, Premium edition and Standard edition are the latest versions of Informatica PowerCenter which is available for 9.6.0. Some of the popular clients are Allianz, ING, U.S Air Force, Samsung, etc. Oracle OWB, IBM DataStage, Ab Initio and Microsoft SSIS are the important tools used in the industry. ETL is referred to three various functions such as Load, Extract and Transform forms a combining tool for attaining temporary data subsets for reports. It is achieved as a mandatory function in database management for various programs and tools.

Informatica is considered to be the most used ETL/data integration tool. The candidates looking for a sudden change in the domain can go for Informatica Course in Chennai. A clear understanding of the various Teradata and Informatica is needed. It is a database for storing a huge volume of data. In other means, it is used as an ETL tool for exporting functions and loading data. Have a look at the key metrics of the integration technology Informatica.

Advantages of Informatica and the reason why it is used over Teradata as an ETL tool:

  • Informatica generates an ecosystem which is faster for analysts for performing various analyses which is easier for maintaining.
  • It generates SDLC and enriches application support with the availability of extensive tools and accelerators with Informatica Marketplace.
  • It is a robust platform which is easy to study without the knowledge of programming.
  • The Informatica Training Institute in Chennai Workflow Monitor aids simple, easy and quick job recovery and monitoring.
  • It has the ability to publish the process in a database as web services speedily, conveniently and easily.
  • Through pushdown optimizing, database information can be processed easily.
  • It delivers with much faster processing for key generation surrogacy via sequence creators. It is a very slow process while performing inside the database.
  • Informatica technology delivers extensive support for various databases that include Teradata mLoad, ODBC drivers, parallel Transporter as well as FastLoad.
  • Informatica enables of projects migration for easy execution from one database to another from Teradata to another for changing the ETL code that offers automates solution in an accurate and efficient manner.
  • It aids to enrich the load balance between ETL server & database box with the capability of coding. It is a fast disk server.

The trending Informatica has now become a favoured tool in the management of the database industry for data integration and ETL. Get along with Best Information Training in Chennai for a better clearance.

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