Kanchipuram Silk Sarees- Finest Saree From South India


India has been recognized for its unique culture. The stories we still hear from our ancestors are very fascinating. Online shopping has become a trend and people have started looking for the finest collections and majestic designs through websites. Nowadays the Kanchivaram silk sarees online are directly available from the weavers of Kanchipuram. People find it easy to pick one even during the lockdown period. 

Finest fabric ever:

Kanchipuram sarees come under the category of most coveted sarees in India. The hand woven saree has a texture that doesn’t compromise with any other fabric. It is usually made by twisting the yarns of silk which makes the fabric sturdy. The magic lies under the fact that it will last longer when it is taken good care of. All these sarees stand out based on its color, border and patterns.

Unique themes and motifs:

The themes involved in kancheepuram saree include the sun, the moon, chariots, peacocks, lions, swans, parrots, leaves from branches and mangoes. Mostly the themes are nature-inspired. One of the recurring themes is the jasmine bud that enhances the view. Traditional Kanjivaram sarees are the one women choose for auspicious occasions like weddings, engagements, birthdays and other occasions.

Kanchipuram sarees are quite famous throughout the world and are usually worn in southern states of Tamilnadu. Some sarees are woven with the pure golden thread in it. These are specially reserved for festivals or other special occasions than the informal events. These sarees are chosen by the affluent people in the society as a sign of their social standing. Hence it is the most coveted of all. These sarees add elegance to your overall look where the pallu seems to be extremely straight. 

Look and feel:

The pure kanchipuram sarees are so soft to touch and people can assure that the silk is of high quality. The quality can be told by feeling the fabric with just one finger. For all women these sarees are said to be the pinnacle of elegance. The Silver Kanjeevaram saree has the luminescent glow of the moon. The silver zari in the collection looks exclusive which is an eye-catcher. 

Thus the kanchipuram silk can be worn for formal events and certainly make people stand out of the crowd. The material is so rich, one can even get away with minimal accessories which makes it a center of attraction.

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