How to monitor .Net developer skills to find the best?

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Hiring talented dot net professional is not only screening the CV, it’s highly responsible process which helps prevent the precious time of your coworkers to spend their time for providing training to the fresher’s. Before hiring the candidates you need to make a lot of screening to filter the talented one for a job. This article explains about how to screening the candidates on an effective and fast way. If the candidates have certification from the reputed Dot Net Training in Chennai certification it will be easier to shortlisted the CV.

What is Dot Net?

.Net is a programming language and it’s the framework for developing software offered by Microsoft. Where system can be created, installed and executed on mostly Windows-based operating systems it gives a controlled programming environment. .The .net platform can support various programming languages like Visual Basic .Net, F#, C#, C++ .Net. It provides developer bunch of libraries and frameworks it very creates a big variety of applications (Mobile, Desktop, and The Web) including most advanced business purposes. It can give natural integration with other Microsoft tools like Framework’s stability and maturity, office and also the great support from the .Net developer community; it’s the major advantages of the .net programming language. If you really want to become one of the greatest.Net professionals learns Dot Net Course in Chennai.

  1. What should IT Recruiter know about .NET?

Here are some essential tips for recruiters when hiring a .Net candidate.

If you find the experts you not only check their programming skills, you need to know how they are good at frameworks and libraries like Entity Framework or ASP .NET MVC because any non-trivial profitable application is built upon them.

It’s essential to check their knowledge on the framework, if they don’t know single framework from requirements ‘list, they are not eligible to work as a .Net developer. Don’t reject the candidates with their educational background, select them with their practical knowledge and previous project experience that was done in .NET technology from the reputed Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai.

One more thing, .Net is currently huge demand in IT market. But at the same time, a lot of open source frameworks lead to impact the .Net familiarity, but .Net is still famous in IT market so hire the talented person to beat the competition.

  1. How to verify and validate .Net Developer skills in screening phase?

IT recruiting people to make a lot of hiring techniques and methods from evaluating .Net programming skills based on CV via technical rounds or making video calls to online tests. So it’s highly important to validate and verify .Net developer skills in screening phase.

  1. Make online .NET Coding assessment tests

We provide them an online test with the projects fully based on .Net frameworks and libraries, to test programmer skills in online to shortlist them for next selection process. But, we also have some instant-to-use.Net programming tests which help you to do recruiting campaign easily. If the candidates want to clear the entire screening process, you people must take the Best .Net Training to kick start your career into .Net technology.

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