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Informatica Training in Chennai

Informatica is the world’s number one software which helps to deliver data with high security. Learn and update yourself with recent innovations, Informatica is the leading one which helps to maintain the business in a great way.

Informatica provides high security

  1. Informatica helps to accelerate Global Defense Posture Realignment (GDPR) compliance for data privacy.
  2. Helps to avoid risks in business management


Informatica Secure@Source is the data security intelligence software which helps to analyze the defects, remediate the risk of your data. Monitor all the activities and prevent from suspicious activity. It helps to detect the risk and protect from unwanted malfunctions associated with customer centricity, cloud modernization, Hadoop and much more.

Solve the issues with this software

Secure@Source gives complete visibility with discovery, risk analysis, data classification, etc. Rich visualizations support for both practitioner needs and data management. At the same time, it provides enterprise coverage of big data, cloud and files. Learn more about new releases and its benefits via Informatica Training in Chennai. Experts will teach you the new concepts with suitable examples. Reach over here and update yourself with new innovations. At the end, you will become an expert in Informatica domain.

Features of Secure@Source

  1. Support for unstructured data such as PDF, CSV, XML, Office, JSON, text and much more.
  2. Informatica Orchestration controls for ranger, data masking, Sentry and encryption.

Microsoft Azure Informatica protection for MAC

Informatica Cloud Data Management leader accelerates data-driven digital transformation. On Oct 11 – 2017, Informatica announced that Microsoft provides a Microsoft GSI(Global Systems Integrator) partner community cutting edge. Microsoft Azure gives lots of benefits to the businesses. It allows customers to innovate the new project with a small set of data. Informatica provides hybrid data management offerings, comprehensive cloud PaaS, etc. Every day Informatica field innovates a new technique with useful features. If you want to know more about Informatica, prefer Informatica course in Chennai. Expert guidance will be helpful to become a master in Informatica.

Better Manage risk with GDPR

With Informatica Data Quality, customers can discover and access their data in new ways. With the support of GDR, customers can increase their business value in a great way. A businessman can avoid the risk by using this GDPR.

Informatica – Leading Technology

Informatica is a leading platform which helps expand your business, get profits and satisfies your customer.

Financial Benefits

Partners gain benefits for assisting or sourcing in Informatica opportunities, also they offer discount for additional selling products.

Sales Collaboration

Partners earn incentives for selling the products in online with the existing and new customers. They can also work with teams and address the customer challenges. Informatica is also used in the marketing field, it includes customizable campaigns, events, activities and much more.

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