Overview of JMeter

JMeterWhen you start making your own website which is slightly similar to the giant website like Amazon, you need to do a lot of quality and load measuring in an initial stage, because the website should be able to grip ‘n’ number of transaction in a day and also thousands of parallel users working on it or more.

Some things that you must be worried about when creating the website are

When meets heavy load conditions what will happen to the web server(s)?

How will you make testing your website in this situation?

Is not possible when you getting a numerous number of concurrent users to connect your website.

Luckily, we are blessed to have this amazing software that will help you to deal with these biggest issues, JMeter- This is the best tool to measure the performance of a website. Initially, the professional developer established this JMeter tool for making performance testing of web applications but it’s not only for doing that, it can also do more than that in the testing industry. Most of the companies are hiring the professional JMeter experts to handle the severe load of their website if you do certification from JMeter Training in Chennai that will be the advantages for your testing career.

Introduction to JMeter:

JMeter is an open source testing software that can be used to accomplish functional testing and performance testing for the websites and your web applications. It also used to pretend a severe load on a web server by generating lots of virtual concurrent user to the web server. There are many companies using JMeter software for handling the heavy load of their servers. JMeter Training will teach you entire stuff to become an expert performance tester. If you want to learn by yourself you can easily download JMeter source code to modify and analyze it. JMeter is one of the most famous testing tools in the IT world alongside LoadRunner and Selenium.

Benefits of using JMeter Testing Software’s

There are many testing tools available in the IT market, then why do you require JMeter to make performance testing? And what are the special advantages in JMeter? Here they are

It’s a free testing software that can be download from the internet at free of cost and it’s completely based on pure Java application. Developers can use its source code, can customize and modify as per their requirement.

 The end-user can easily download and work with JMeter, the installation is very easy and the execution method is very simple. Generally, it is a default setting with ready to use, so no need any prior domain knowledge or skill set and you can gain from JMeter Course.

Using JMeter Software you can perform all the type of testings whatever you want like Stress Test, Distributed Test, Functional Test, Load Test with this all in one tool

Great flexibility, you can customize the JMeter as per your needs and you can apply the automation testing process to JMeter so that manually effort will be saved.

I missed to name few benefits of JMeter in this article, but I describe JMeter in single word ‘Amazing’, it can perform a lot so do JMeter Course to learn JMeter from scratch to get a prestigious career in the testing world.

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