React JS vs Vue JS


ReactJS is a JavaScript tool which helps to create single page applications. ReactJS is extremely fast and flexible JavaScript library, it was maintained by Facebook and Instagram. With ReactJS you can handle view layer for mobile and web applications. It allows you to build reusable User Interface components and it is considered as the most popular JavaScript libraries. ReactJS is designed to build modular and reusable interface components. If you want to work with ReactJS you need to have a solid knowledge of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), JavaScript and HyperText Markup Language (HTML5). Learn more about ReactJS via ReactJS Training in Chennai.

Right now, ReactJS plays a major role in today’s world and it has additional flexibility and simplicity. Most of the people are referring this for web development. It is estimated over 95,000 sites and 1,300 web developers.

ReactJS is considered as a king of JavaScript web frameworks. The year 2017 has been observing a rapid growth for both mobile and web applications. Both React and Vue are lightweight component based libraries to build a user interface. It is also used to create the project with additional features, so learn and enhance your skills in a minimum duration.

ReactJS Framework

Developers usually build large web add-ons, it is updated as without any reloads. The main aim of ReactJS is to build single page applications (SPA). ReactJS developers have the ability to see the rendering of development component.

Pros of ReactJS

  1. Easy to write test cases
  2. Ease of Debugging
  3. ReactJS manages all UI updates
  4. Works nicely with AMD patterns
  5. All the components are used easily throughout the app.

Vue JS Framework

Vue JS is the fastest growing libraries in today’s world.

Pros of Vue JS

  1. Ease of Development

Vue JS is the important factor for the development process, it enables developers to improve the process.  It is easier for programmers, at the same time it saves a lot of time for programmers.

  1. Simple Integration

Vue JS is popular now and it facilitates integrate existing applications. It is based on JavaScript framework so the user can build lots of applications with additional features.

  1. Flexibility

Vue JS allows users to write his template in JavaScript and HTML file. This flexibility is easy to understand for React.js developers and other JavaScript frameworks.

ReactJS are extremely efficient and the people who need to shift their career in this field. Learn ReactJS today at ReactJS Training Institutes in Chennai, highly experienced candidates assist you to become an expert in this domain. Enroll today and get your dream job with high salary package.

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