Role of AngularJS in Web development


With the support of Angular, an individual can invent new applications and websites. It gives a supernatural power to web sites. AngularJS not only helps for web development it supports for front end development also.

Generally, AngularJS is a framework which gives more stuff to the web like React JS and Ember JS. Other technologies like mongodb, nodeJS and much more swap the data. This is an emerging technology which supports to improve your business and it is going to change your profession.

JavaScript Framework

AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework which was developed by Google developers. This framework is constantly updated and enhanced by the well known Google Company. It introduces new trends in today IT market. Learn more about frameworks with AngularJS Training in Chennai. It is not quite so it supports for more new innovations.

Key Features

  1. Model View Controller (MVC) is a perfect one which supports for modern web applications. It helps to manage each and every part of the web development section.
  2. To write a less code, it is necessary to know JavaScript coding for app development. AngularJS requires only less amount of coding.

AngularJS Latest Version

AngularJS 4 is the trending one in today’s world. It helps to build both the front end web application platform.

Key points about Angular

  1. Angular was completely rewritten from AngularJS 2.
  2. Google Engineers build AngularJS with the support of Angular. The major things of Angular are templates, directives, modules, components, dependency injection, data binding, services and much more.
  3. Angular handles only mobile development and it follows modularity.
  4. Angular doesn’t have a scope concept.

Beginner’s Guide

Each and every fresher wants to know the current innovations. AngularJS services support to create classes and libraries, which can be shared between directives and controllers. It is not much difficult to learn, with the proper approach you will get clarity on web creation.  If you’re a beginner start to learn now and bring back you on the top position.

Build a responsive Web

Every 6 months Angularjs has been updated. Freshers who are interested to create the web with high-tech features can approach AngularJS Training. Experts make you more efficient to build a mobile and web applications. HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and JavaScript knowledge are mandatory to build a responsive web.

AngularJS Animation

AngularJS Animation offers animation hooks for directives like ngView, ngRepeat and much more. Animations are developed using Cascading Style Sheet and JavaScript code. Learn today and build an animation app or website with the approach of AngularJS course in Chennai.

Learn from the best and shine brightly.

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