Why Informatica is used as an ETL Tool?

Informatica is a powerful integration tool. It delivers a product for data masking, ETL, data replica, master data management, data virtualization, etc. It mainly focuses on data integration only. This is a flagship product in the portfolio. It is based on the ETL architecture and Informatica Training in Chennai providing data integration services and software for different industries, businesses and government companies which includes healthcare, telecommunication, insurance and financial services. . By reading this article you will come to know why Informatica is used as an ETL tool. Advanced edition, Premium edition and Standard edition are the latest versions of Informatica PowerCenter which is available for 9.6.0. Some of the… Read More

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Informatica Training in Chennai

New Releases of Informatica

Informatica is the world’s number one software which helps to deliver data with high security. Learn and update yourself with recent innovations, Informatica is the leading one which helps to maintain the business in a great way. Informatica provides high security Informatica helps to accelerate Global Defense Posture Realignment (GDPR) compliance for data privacy. Helps to avoid risks in business management Secure@Source Informatica Secure@Source is the data security intelligence software which helps to analyze the defects, remediate the risk of your data. Monitor all the activities and prevent from suspicious activity. It helps to detect the risk and protect from unwanted malfunctions associated with customer centricity, cloud modernization, Hadoop and… Read More

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