The Different Types of Ayurvedic Massage And Their Benefits

ayurvedic massage

After a long day or when taking a break from a busy schedule, who wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing massage? Getting a massage from a trained masseuse can help you relax as well as relieve aches and pains. Unfortunately, such massages are not available on a regular basis. Ayurvedic oil massage is recommended by Ayurveda, as a technique for wellness, for a variety of health benefits. Regularly performing an Ayurvedic self-massage with herbal oil will help you relax, nourish your skin, and strengthen your muscles and bones. In this blog, we discuss the different Ayurvedic oil massages and their benefits. Book your ayurvedic massage at

What is Ayurveda massage?

According to ayurveda massage, good health or wellness is determined by a variety of factors. One of them is the use of herbal treatments. Ayurvedic therapeutic alternatives for improving health include lifestyle modifications, nutrition, and oil massage. If you have a skin problem, you can treat it by applying herbal oil to your skin. To promote the health of your skin, apply a herbal oil that nourishes the skin. If you have muscle discomfort or aches, you can use an oil that has pain-relieving components. Massage the afflicted region with this oil.

Ayurvedic massages are performed with herbal oil to provide health advantages. Massage is advised because it allows the oil to enter through the skin and into the tissues (known as Dhatus). As a result, the nutrient of the herbs has been absorbed by the tissues, where they can be more effective. Book your ayurvedic massage at the best Spa in oklahoma

Types of Ayurvedic massage


It includes a full-body massage in the dosha of the patient’s medical condition using medicated hot herbal oils. Pressure is delivered to pressure points in various ways, stimulating various energy centres. It helps the body in the elimination of deep-layer impurities while also helping in improving blood circulation. The ayurvedic massage techniques differ for every massage. 


In this style of massage, a special vessel known as a Kindi is used to place the warm massage oil. This vessel is elevated several inches above the body of the individual receiving a massage. There are many kinds of medicinal oils and the ayurvedic massage therapist will suggest the best one for your medical history. Massaging the body surface with ayurvedic oil will produce heat that helps in balancing the Vata Dosha. Get your Pizhichil Massage in oklahoma city and get rid of all your body pain. 


Herbal powders are used in this ayurvedic powder massage. Herbal powders’ drying properties help in the drying of Kapha, which is heavy and damp. This ayurvedic massage benefits in increasing the blood circulation, removing the debris from the skin, reducing extra fat, increasing the skin tone, and improving muscle mobility. 


There is no oil or herbal powder used in this massage. There is no need for lubricant. Raw silk gloves are used to stimulate the body. It stimulates the lymphatic system, which eliminates toxins. It breaks down fat cells in the body. It exfoliates the skin, leaving it clean and bright. Get your Best massage in Nashville and get delighted. 


This is a type of massage for the head in which a steady stream of herbal or medicated oil, known as ‘dhara,’ is poured on the scalp to activate the nerves in the head. Some of the benefits of ayurvedic massage are curing headaches, improves clarity and concentration, and eliminates mental stress. The chakras and qi are realigned in Ayurveda to produce balance and symmetry in the body. The ayurvedic body massage will take nearly an hour to complete. Head and body oils are applied separately. Both are Ayurvedic massage oils prepared at home. 

Know the difference between the foot massage and reflexology here. 

In this blog, we have discussed ayurvedic massage and its benefits. If you are planning to get into the Best spas in Nashville, then book your appointment through 

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