Top Programming Languages for Ethical Hacking

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Top Programming Languages for Ethical Hacking

Hacking is when someone takes advantage of a network to get vital data. You can stop many cyberattacks when you employ hacking correctly. The ethical hackers who protect your networks are an excellent example of the same. Programming is one of the numerous talents a hacker must learn. You can join Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai at Fita Academy and learn programming languages to become an ethical hacker. In this blog, you will review the top programming languages for Ethical hacking.

There are several programming languages available for hacking. The top programming languages used often by hackers worldwide are shown below:


  • In the hacking community, Python is a programming language with broad applications widely used to create vulnerabilities. It is essential for creating malicious software, flaws, and hacking scripts. 
  • Availability of Ready-Made Modules: The accessibility of ready-made modules is a remarkable Python feature which makes hacking simple. Various modules, including OS, socket, and many more, are accessible depending on the target. Python socket programming is sometimes used to find weaknesses in a system.
  • Huge Community: Python has a vast community that supports third-party plugins daily. Python is useful for beginners since it has a basic syntax and is straightforward to read. Python makes it simple to create automation scripts and improves testing. You can learn different hacking techniques by joining Hacking Classes Online and shine in your ethical hacking career.


  • Web Hacking: JavaScript is now one of the top programming languages for breaking into online apps. Since most web applications utilise JavaScript or its libraries, knowing JavaScript enables hackers to identify weaknesses and carry out web exploitation. 
  • Node.js: With the introduction of Node.js, backend development for JavaScript is now available. It suggests a broader range of potential exploitation. Injecting malicious code, tracking browsing history, and spying on typed phrases are examples of how a hacker may exploit JS.


  • Server-Side Scripting: PHP is a programming language used for server-side applications. You may modify a web server and render it vulnerable to attacks by writing a custom application in PHP. 
  • Application in Web Domains: PHP is one of the most potent server-side languages in most online domains. You can defend yourself from harmful attacks by learning PHP, which is the backbone of many standard content management systems. It may help you secure or corrupt websites.


  • Database Interaction: Knowing SQL thoroughly can assist you in understanding a database’s structure and let you choose which scripts or tools to use.
  • Database hacking: SQL is the most significant programming language for breaking into sizable databases and is used for online hacking. Without a solid grasp of SQL, it is nearly hard to defend against a database assault.

C Programming

  • Exploit Writing and building: C helps in writing and building exploits. C’s low-level design makes it superior to other hacking-friendly programming languages. If you want to become an expert in programming languages, which is needed to become an Ethical hacker, join Ethical Hacking Course in Bangalore and become an Ethical professional hacker.
  • Access Hardware: Hackers may use C code to access and alter system resources and physical elements like the RAM. C is the language of choice for security experts when they need to modify hardware and system resources. It also helps programmers in writing programs for penetration tests. Hackers can gain a general understanding of operating system architecture by learning C. 

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