Unique features of PHP language

Unique features of PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language and it is generally running on the web server. PHP code runs with the help of the PHP runtime and it is used to create dynamic web images and content. HTML is a markup language used for developing web pages and applications that will be displayed on the World Wide Web, where every page will have a link to another page is called hyperlink. HTML works with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript to deliver attractive web pages. HTML language works on client side view whereas PHP is a scripting language used for developing web pages written in HTML language. Since PHP language is more secure the demand for PHP Training in Chennai in most of the institute is increasing tremendously. Let us discuss Unique features of PHP language.

Unique Features of PHP

Easy Language PHP language allows user to support usage of variables without any declaration of its data type.  The data type will be taken by itself at the execution time.

Platform Independent With the use of advanced functionalities, PHP language helps to develop desktop application

Variable Variables With the help of variable variables, PHP language supports to change variable name dynamically

Access Monitoring PHP language provides access to the user through the summary of the last user.

Magic Method _ (double underscore) is the built-in methods available in PHP language. It won’t be called directly, instead, it is called with the help of event. For instance, when clone keyword is used, _Clone () is called.

Reporting Errors PHP has predefined error reporting constant to create a warning notice. For e.g. deprecated methods will generate when E_STRICT is enabled.

Regular Expression PHP offers REGEX methods with pattern matching and extensive parsing with extraordinary speed.

Heredocs and nowdocs String It offers heredocs and nowdocs properties that are usually used to delimit the context. Both are same except the context in the heredocs which is variable parsing.

Traits Since PHP is a single inheritance language to support inheritance at multiple levels, trait concept in PHP is used.

Not only the above Unique features of PHP language are available, there are many functionalities are available in PHP language to make the language unique from others. If you are interested in learning the entire concept of PHP, walk into the best PHP Training institute in Chennai to take PHP Training. Most of the developers nowadays prefer PHP language to make the website more secure and also used to protect from virus attack or hacking.

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