Update .Net Summer Hackfest: Session 3 ongoing!

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Announced Aug 23 in the year of 2017, Have you heard before about .Net summer Hackfest, it’s a .Net Base supported, community run open source hacking party. Already we have accomplished 2 more sessions, you can learn more the previous session here, now we look up the overall event and how to get convoluted here.

Session 3 has just arrived on Monday with some excessive projects, now it’s the right to get involved with the last and final session for .Net summer Hackfest 2017.

Humanitarian Toolbox

It’s an open source project for charitable administrations. They know how to create maintainable open source projects and they have got a Net open source, this is a developed project with a highly experienced crew to assist you to get up to hustle with contributing to a .Net open source projects. Dot Net Training in Chennai experienced faculties will train you to make up the .Net open source projects. If you want to do something useful to the real world, it’s the right choice to create amazing things. It’s existent software that’s being used by the Red Cross to protect lives. This is an incredible prospect to use your programming knowledge to do something really valuable while learning some important skills from the Dot Net course in Chennai.

Akka .NET

Akka .NET is a familiar one and it’s a port of a JVM Akka distributed actor framework and it’s used in the whole thing from Xamarin apps to WPF to important distributed systems running on best of Amazon and Azure. It’s is used in a numerous mission, difficult installations, high performance and they are undertaking some pretty innovative high-performance kind of stuff. This is a great opportunity to work with a great crew on certain attractive innovative software.


Without the use of System, Drawing ImageSharp permits to a processing of 2D graphics and API designed images. It’s new to the market and it has completely featured, fully managed and cross platform. Using it, you can perform the most common task but it provides you some tools for difficult operations ImageSharp is the best alternative and it can be used in cloud, device and IOT situations.

Since you are working with some complex API’s, it’s really hard to learn how to working with graphics and imaging. Our Dot Net Training Institute in Chennai will teach you with great projects to learn how to work with graphics programming and In FITA you will be working with the experienced faculty who has strong years of experience in this industry.

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