Why should I want to learn Java Frameworks?

Spring Training in Chennai

Wide varieties of Java Frameworks are available for web developers. In the blog, we are going to review best Java Frameworks 2018. Software which helps to build web applications, web resources, web services and web API. Web framework helps to do all activities and it offers libraries for template frameworks.

Spring MVC

Spring is a designed layer for Java frameworks. Spring is famous among programmers and it has numerous add-ons such as security authentication, SOAP services and REST Application Program Interface (APIs). Learn more about frameworks through Spring Training in Chennai. A specialist approach is helpful for the people.

Pros of Spring

Spring is the best framework, it has various qualities such as:

  1. Flexible use of Dependency Injection
  2. POJOs used to test data
  3. Enhanced modularity improves the code readability

JavaServer Faces

JSF got Oracle support and it has a net utility framework. It supports a wide variety of technologies like XUL and Facelets.

Pros of JSF

  1. JSF is helpful for developers and the people who use IDE software can build mobile applications.


Hibernate framework is mandatory for object-relational mapping device. A programmer can solve lots of issues with the support of Hibernate framework. Learn how to build the app through Hibernate Training.

Pros of Hibernate

  1. Requires less power
  2. Programmer can communicate with different database through Hibernate support
  3. Reduces risk factors

Play Framework

Play framework is light-weight and web-friendly architecture. It is user-friendly so the developer can make changes with browser and text editor.

Pros of Play Framework

  1. Play Frameworks supports for non-blocking I/O and it designs on Netty
  2. Quick reload for templates and configuration changes
  3. Typesafe supports for commercial process
  4. Play framework can handle lots of error


Struts framework helps to develop the web application. This framework has lots of classes and interfaces, a programmer can solve lots of issues in the short duration. Struts Training in Chennai makes you more comfortable in coding. Struts 2 are equipped with a net framework and it supports various communities.

Pros of Struts

  1. Integrate additional components
  2. Struts are built with authentication and extension validation

Apache Wicket

Another name of Apache Wicket is Wicket, it is a server side, open-source and Java app framework.

Pros of Apache Wicket

  1. No back-button problems
  2. Zero configuration files
  3. Centric Programming

GWT (Google Web Toolkit)

It is a tool that enables developers to build and maintain complex JavaScript apps. GWT highlights some common tasks for web development namely remote procedure calls, User Interface abstraction, bookmarking and much more.

Pros of GWT

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Google develops Google Web Toolkit
  3. Helpful to create responsive web application


Vaadin framework is good for JavaScript libraries and internet applications. It is extended with GWT.

Pros of Vaadin

  1. Easy Integration
  2. Plug-in Support

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