What is Tableau? Applications for the Tableau Software Tool

What is Tableau? Applications for the Tableau Software TooL

Tableau is a strong and quickly expanding data visualisation tool used in the business intelligence industry. It assists in transforming raw data into a more comprehensible form. Professionals at all levels of a business can better understand data when it is presented in a table. Additionally, it enables non-technical users to design unique dashboards. If you want to know What is Tableau? Applications for the Tableau software tool, Join Tableau Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.

The best part about Tableau software is that anyone can use it without requiring any form of programming or technical knowledge. People from all spheres, including business, researchers, and industries, have shown interest in this technology.

Data analytics in the Tableau application can be divided into two categories for easy understanding.

  1. Developer Tools: This category includes Tableau development tools such as those used to create dashboards, charts, reports, visualisations, etc. Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public fall under this category of Tableau products.
  2. Sharing Tools: These table products’ intended use is to share dashboards, reports, and visualisations made with developer tools, as their name suggests. The products Tableau Online, Server, and Reader fit under this category.

Tableau Public

It is a customised version of Tableau for customers on a tight budget. Created workbooks cannot be stored locally since they are “public,” thus they must be kept in Tableau’s public cloud, where anybody can view and access them. Enrol at FITA Academy for the best Tableau training & gain in-depth knowledge from Experts. Here, we offer the best Tableau Online Course with practical classes to enhance your technical skills. 

As everyone can download and view cloud-stored files, there is no such private information file. Those who wish to learn about tables and those who want to share their data with the public should use this version.

Tableau Server

Workbooks and visualisations created in the Tableau desktop programme are shared throughout the company using this software. You must submit your work to Tableau Desktop first before sharing a dashboard on Tableau Server. Only authorised individuals are able to access a job once it has been posted to the server.

License holders don’t need to install Tableau Server on their computer, nevertheless. While checking reports online, they need login information. Tableau Server is highly secure and ideal for swift and effective data exchange inside an enterprise.

Tableau Online

It is an online service for exchanging tables, as the name would suggest. While it performs comparable tasks to Tableau Server, data is kept on hosted servers in the cloud that are managed by the Tableau team.

The amount of data that W can publish online has no storage restriction. More than 40 cloud-hosted data sources, including MySQL, Hive, Amazon Aurora, Spark SQL, and others, can be directly accessed using Tableau Online.

Tableau Reader

You may view workbooks and visualisations made using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public using the free utility Tableau Reader. Although editing and modifications are limited, data can be filtered. Because everyone who receives the worksheet can access it using Table Reader, Table Reader has a security level of zero. 

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