What’s new in Android P version?

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Google is doing something different with Android. Instead of this, people can also use its operating system to do more. This feature helps a lot and Android P is going to launch this year. This will be going to launch soon in the market, it allows you to set a limit on yourself. It includes new interfaces that use navigation gestures.

Billions of people are using an Android phone. Android P helps you to protect your phone from the hacking process. The most interesting one in Android P version is a user can store lots of data and they can view as per their requirement. Android offers lots of benefits to the users.

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Home button gestures in Android P

Tap: Go to home screen

Long Press: Launch Google Assistant

Back button: go back

Half swipe up: go to an overview screen

Full swipe up: go to app drawer

UI Elements

Home Screen: Traditional Android home, where you place widgets and apps.

Overview: Multitasking screen, apps are listed horizontally with no overlap.

Quick settings: simplified in Android

Notification Tray:  User gets a notification if they receive any messages.

Google helps to develop frameworks and it helps to operate both on Android and iOS.

Android P features

Android P introduces new capabilities for users and developers.

  1. Indoor navigation with Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time

Android P supports IEEE 802.11 mc WiFi protocol. It is one of the best features of Android. It also enables GPS tracking system which means you can track your location.

  1. Dashboard

All your data is stored on your phone. It notes down all your activities in every day, also an hour by hour basis.

  • Number of time you unlocked your phone
  • Total number of hours spent on the phone
  • Number of notifications that you have received
  1. Gesture Navigation

Google has redesigned the way. Instead of all buttons, you can use the single button which is stored on the home screen.

  1. Wind Down

Many of us spend hours on their phones. Wind Down will help you to switch the night light on your phone.

  1. Do Not Disturb

Android P is not only silence the notifications and phone calls. It helps to remain all those activities in your daily life. To avoid disturbance you can change the settings on your mobile to DND mode.

  1. Slices

Slices are one of the best features in Android P. It helps you to perform basic application activities in the short span of time.

In Android P, applications are separated into a different tab. Know more about app development via Android Training in Chennai. With Android app, a user can share their data from one to another with high security.

  1. Smarter Notification Channels

Android P allows you to block the certain type of notifications appearing on your phone.

  1. An easier way to take screenshots

You can edit and share your screenshots after taking them.

Every OS has some unique benefits, learn today. Hope this helps, keep following the blog for latest technology updates.

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