What’s new in AWS and Azure?

AWS Training in Chennai

Amazon Web Services launches an Amazon RDS for Oracle. It supports for Oracle Management Agent (OMA). Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 13c helps to manage your Oracle database also it helps to monitor the web-based tools. An individual can easily operate, set up and scale Oracle DB deployments with Amazon RDS. Learn the recent trends on AWS through AWS Training in Chennai. Use this opportunity and learn everything about the cloud.

AWS Cloud Security for Business

AWS launched a new technique which helps to improve the cloud security for businesses. AWS customers are now using AT&T connectivity and it is flexible to work with a cloud server.

Each day billions of transactions are done in our cloud. AWS Security team provides the greatest service for all, it also includes S3 and EC2. It also helps to develop your career. Every people want to upgrade their knowledge with expert guidance. Learn more about AWS cloud via AWS course in Chennai. Specialists guide you to become a master in AWS.

AWS Security is helpful for career development. Everyone needs to upgrade themselves with current innovations, without updating they will face lots of issues to get the job in IT companies. AWS is the largest cloud service provider of the public cloud. It is quite versatile and it helps for both small scale and large scale industries. AWS gives solutions for storage, networking, analytics, database, computing and much more.

Software Update

It is mandatory to update the software as before expiring. Linux packages are updated frequently to add features, fix bugs, etc. If you’re connected to Amazon Linux Instance, you will get the notification on software updation. Once updating software, your data will be secured highly.

About AWS

AWS was begun in 2006; almost 190 countries prefer AWS for their business purpose. With the data center, locations in Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Europe and U.S customers are taking advantage with this. Day by Day Amazon Web Services are expanding, the people who want to shift their career into cloud domain you can reach over at FITA. Experienced professionals guide the candidates with on-going projects.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft hosts exclusive events on Azure. It helps to increase the productivity in a short duration. Azure is a cloud computing platform designed to build and manage the applications. Apart from that providing service like IaaS, SaaS and PaaS support for programming languages and tools which includes third-party systems.

View and manage all your applications

Manage all your apps in one hub – including database, web apps, virtual networks, storage, virtual machines, etc. Learn and build your very first application with advanced features. Every day, there is an increasing demand for app developers. Prefer Azure Training in Chennai for app creation.

Azure Certification

Learn more about Cloud Services, Azure IaaS components, Websites and much more. Innovators are launching new mobile and web applications with best features. Enhance your cloud development via Azure Training. Azure vs AWS vs Google Cloud Platform is the trending one in today’s world.

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