What’s new in Salesforce?

Salesforce Training in Chennai

Learn the latest features of Salesforce in Lighting Experience which helps for marketing and Chatter Users. Salesforce is a world’s leading software helps to maintain client data with high security. Update yourself with recent innovations, starting up your career in Salesforce is always a great option. Salesforce Training in Chennai guides you to become an expert in this field.

Computer Telephony Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is used to track the leads, most of the companies are using this tool to maintain the customer information. It also allows you to make some telephonic calls. Computer Telephony Integration helps to move onto the next level of the service, at the same time a businessman can solve their problems with this tool. Plug and Play system requires an easy understanding of both Salesforce and CTI. Learn more about Computer Telephony Integration through Salesforce Training.

Salesforce is the hot topic right now and it will stay up to next 5 years.  Salesforce is really a great career option for individuals and it has a wide variety of applications in AppExchange.

Pros of Salesforce

  1. Forecasting and Analytics

Analytics helps to get a detailed snapshot of your business and it helps to show your reports and key performance tools that are fully customized. Analytics is mandatory for every business, everyone needs to know the importance of analytics with the best guidance.

  1. Marketing Campaigns

CRM utilize to manage the aspects of marketing campaigns. With this, an individual can set up Google Adwords, manage marketing campaigns (including social media) also help to build an official landing page for your business.

  1. Opportunity Tracking

This helps to track important data in the short span of time and that information is analyzed graphically. A user can send automatic email reminders to their employees.

  1. Email Integration

Salesforce is integrated with email applications like Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, etc. This includes complete synchronization with calendars and books. With this a user can access prior emails as if they are offline, also they can set up email templates to deal with potential customers.

  1. File Collaboration

This feature allows you to share files with your co-workers. It notifies you that if your collateral or presentation is changed. You can also keep track lots of files with the database through comments and likes. A businessman can also set up libraries in their sales cloud, they can also view whenever they needed.

Want to learn more about Salesforce Cloud, approach Salesforce course in Chennai? Guidelines from experts will be helpful to get a great career.

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