Why Ionic Framework for Hybrid Mobile App Development?

Why Ionic Framework for Hybrid Mobile App Development?

What is Ionic Framework?

Ionic is an open-source framework that allows users to create mobile apps for iOS, Windows, and Android devices, all from the same codebase. It proves to be a cross-platform development tool for hybrid mobile app development. FITA Academy provides the best Ionic Training in Chennai with 100% placement assistance.

Why Ionic Framework?

The objective is to develop AngularJS web applications and hybrid mobile apps. By integrating AngularJS functionalities with the Cordova library, you can create broad applications.

Why Ionic Framework for Hybrid Mobile App Development?


One of the best aspects of the internet is that there are a few obstacles to overcome. People with an internet connection and a computer can develop mobile apps and websites. It is a robust framework that is widely available. It enables anyone to create things that can change their lives and the lives of others.

Angular Based Framework:

If you have used the Ionic platform before, you will know it’s built on top of the AngularJS framework. In general, Ionic deploys Angular along with a slew of other components to make developing mobile applications with Angular. Google offers support for AngularJS. It is a well-known JavaScript framework that is used all over the world.

It is built and maintained by several engineers all over the world. It remains safe for each user. Join Ionic Online Course to learn more about the Ionic framework.

Simple User Interface:

Ionic comes with a set of default CSS and JavaScript components that cover most of the basic things you will need to create a mobile app. The default styles provided by Ionic are simple and sleek. You can easily customize them by using pre-set CSS classes as an element.

Integrate With Native Functionality:

Any HTML5 mobile framework can easily integrate with native functionality by utilizing Cordova, which provides access to native APIs such as GPS, contacts, cameras, and more. Ionic simplifies this with ngCordova. ngCordova is a collection of Angular JS extensions and services that are easy to integrate with Cordova plugins.

Excellent Development Group:

Ionic’s team members are fully engaged and active on social media and with their users. The founders are easily approachable in a short period. Members engaged on Twitter include Matt Kremer, Perry Govier, Max Lynch, and others.

Ionic is quick, smooth, and responsive. It is built with all the necessary features to help the mobile device perform efficiently and quickly. It has an exclusive default feature for dealing with the dreaded tap delay.


Now you would have understood Why Ionic Framework for Hybrid Mobile App Development. So, to have a comprehensive understanding of the Ionic framework, you can join Ionic Course in Bangalore and learn its benefits, functionalities and Ionic framework components.

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